Real World Packaging
a boutique partner company enriching corporate publication


Manual and Textbook services


creation, evaluation, or revision

 We have done it all. from single titles for corporations to international series for traditional publishers as well as support materials for educational television with international audiences. 


Publishers contract with us to assess and draft plans for the overhaul and update of text materials.  We are experts in this field and use special teams with extensive research and reference service backgrounds.


in today's highly competitive and globalized marketplace, we receive increasing requests for rapid turnaround edits and americanizing of many types of materials from package inserts to perfect-bound manuals.  Whether it's for electronic devices or corporate departmental guidelines, our teams are first line responders and enjoy the subject plunges they take to achieve the best results within the most expedient timeframe.


We've run staff assessment workshops for schools and taught History department heads how to improve student comfort and their own staff use of the new textbooks they've bought.  And shown Geography consultants what to look for next time they buy a system's worth of atlases!

We are valued for

our speedy turnaround


our range and depth of team talents

subject mastery

workshop and seminar options


Our Real World Packaging manual and text service is unique to each client and the product of our commitment to excellence and the beneficiary of our research and grasp of project subject matter.  Our enjoyment in Learning and facilitating shines through in every assignment we accept. 

Examples of ongoing materials production in these genres are found in the many "plastic" teaching and text pages of

Real World Content Advantage . com

 "I am impressed with the quality and the high interest level"

          Ruth Hamilton

          Marketing Manager

          JacarandaPress, Brisbane Australia


"the material isn't a bit condescending and there's certainly plenty to hold a child's interest."

          Anne Briscoe

          The Afternoon Show

          CBC Radio, Sydney Nova Scotia


"can be read and enjoyed by everybody."

          Beth Ross

          Oxford County Library

           in review


"you'll never want to put it down. ... a worthwhile addition to any child's library, at home or at school."

          Joan Weller

          Librarian Consultant on Children's Literature

          Ottawa Journal


"Some of the most exciting books being published for today's market ... a visual delight ....  All guaranteed to keep children away from the tube for hours."

          Lynn Sallot

          Homemakers Magazine


"Colourful and crammed with variety....  The Teacher's Editions are compact treasuries of teaching and learning hints ..."

          Mildred Rose

          Saskatchewan English Teachers' Association Bulletin

"'the write stuff'"

          Linda Richardson

          The Sault Daily Star

"It's been a while since we've seen a series ... that has tickled and delighted us as much as ... this innovative, integrated, informative and intelligent series ..."

          Emma Plattor

          Editor, Highway One

          Canadian Council of Teachers of English


"The prose is varied, with reading for enjoyment as well as for insight and information.  And there's certainly plenty of off?beat information. ... glad to see this lively, Canadian creation."

           Richard Long

           Quill & Quire


"a grab-bag filled with fun and good humour, and written without condescension.  ...super."

           Leslie Koster

           North York Public Library

            in review


"a riveting and accessible account ... crammed with illustrations and actual photos ..."

          Janice Kennedy

          The Ottawa Citizen

 "Excellent and enjoyable reading resources ..."

          Dr Judith Newman

          Reading Specialist

          Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia


 "Impressive variety and quality of material ... nothing can touch them for student appeal."

          Dr Priscilla Galloway


          North York Board of Education