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evaluation, creation, addition, rationalization, in-house/online support


When one of our own ISPs first challenged us to put our publishing smarts into their latest web proposal, we threw a team of sleep-challenged but synaptically-alert brainstormers into an overnight e-for-all and produced a four-pager of educational components that we call "edu-bytes".  Eight years later, the ISP still manages the site and we have trained its support staff how to continue updating the edu- bytes.

For multinationals' PR departments, we have created edu- bytes  botanical, zoological chronological, historical, geographical, anthropological, comical and fantastical. Upbeat. Thought-provoking. Attention-holding. SuperSticky.


From one-to-three component suggestions for colleagues' sites to full-out, cross-genre and interdisciplinary edu-byte features, serials, even interactive puzzles and kiosk game structures for super large corporations, with throughlines to their many departments and multiple web pages.


For web developers or, on their behalf, specific clients, we can present follow-up training to illustrate continued component development and enhance required skill sets and guidelines in-house.


Educational components deliver and affirm good corporate citizenship and heighten corporate name recognition to present and future consumers.


We are valued for

our speed of delivery

thoroughness and range of coverage

continued materials reviews

component updates team

  Real World Packaging  website components are unique to each client presence online and represent our commitment to excellence and our belief in corporate educational responsibilities.  We take pride in enriching our planet one edu-byte at a time.